Isabel Arrillaga

Department of Plant Biology, ISIC/ERI of Biotechnology and Biomedicine

BIOTECMED, University of Valencia

Professor of Plant Physiology at the University of Valencia, leads the group of Biotechnology applied to Forest and Aromatic species. She graduated and doctorated in Pharmacy at the University of Valencia. After a 2-year postdoctoral stay at the School of Forest Resources in Athens-Georgia (USA) with Prof. Scott Merkle, she worked at IBMCP (CSIC-UPV, Valencia) with Prof. Vicente Moreno to develop salt resistant tomatoes. In 1996 she became professor at the University of Valencia. During the past years, her group has optimized SE protocols for maritime pine and holm oak. The group participates in national and European initiatives that use the maritime pine as a model in functional genomic studies in conifers.

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