Cristina Branquinho

Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes

She is an Associate Researcher at Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, with a longstanding interest in Plant Ecology and Ecophysiology, working on desiccation and reactive oxygen species in mosses and role of enzymatic activity in lichen tolerance under nitrogen excess. Other research areas of interest in her lab are Ecotoxicology (dioxins, heavy metals…); the impact of pollution or anthropogenic activities such as mines; and Environmental Health (such as the monitorization to assess human exposure to toxic pollutants). In the recent years, she is also interested in studying early warning indicators of climate-change and of desertification ecological management and definition of sustainable strategies for the ecological restoration of degraded ecosystems in South of Portugal and future applications in Africa and South America.

Lab website

Cruz de Carvalho et al (2014) Differential proteomics of dehydration and rehydration in bryophytes: evidence towards a common desiccation tolerance mechanism. Plant Cell Environ. 37: 1499-515.

Cruz de Carvalho et al (2012) The impact of different rates of dehydration on the production and cellular location of reactive oxygen species in an aquatic bryophyte. Ann. Bot. 110: 1007-16.

Cruz de Carvalho et al (2011) Do lichens have “memory” of their native N environment? Planta 233: 333-42.